After a couple of weeks of turmoil, the STX OSV saga has finally come to an end. The results are not unexpected with majority of the public investors rejecting the general offer of $1.22.


img stx osv general offer results


Fincantieri only got 4.88% acceptance of the offer, bringing its total ownership to 55.63%. Most of the shares tendered were by OZ fund, which is interesting especially since they said the offer value was too low.

Now that the general offer is over, the uncertainty over delisting is removed and investors can focus on the core value of STX OSV. The current stock price is still too low compared to overall valuations, so we should see the stock price correct over time.

Other than looking at new book orders, we also need to see the direction the new owner is setting for the company and new dividend payout policies.

By the way, the name has been changed to Vard which is adapted from Norwegian name “Varde” which refers to a small tower of stones used since ancient times as a navigation mark along the coast to guide ships, the name embodies the Company’s maritime heritage and long history in shipbuilding.


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