Listed here are a compilation of useful weblinks

SGX Website – Information on Dividends

IM$avvy – Singapore Personal Finance Website

Next Insight – Hub of Articles on Singapore Stocks – Singapore Property Blog

KLSE Investor – Useful Resource for KL Stocks


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  1. Pal S:

    May I know the lock out period for AHT & IHH and do you expect any significant price moment after the end of the lock out period.


  2. Calvin Yeo:

    Hi Pal S, the First Lock-Up period for IPOs is generally 6 months from listing date. No I do not expect any significant price movements after end of lock-up period unless the IPO was highly overpriced to begin with, like the Facebook IPO.

  3. Shawn Ang:

    Hi Calvin

    I do not understand the first lock up period mean? Is it you cannot sell off the stock for 6 months??? Thanks.


  4. Calvin Yeo:

    The lockup period does not apply to you. Yes, it is to prevent the initial shareholders from selling on IPO.

  5. Chin MK:

    I understand that u have passed your CFA level 3 recently. How do u go abt it to study and passed. My daughter is currently puring CFA also BUT at the level 1 and taking exam this December. I understand that u are conducting courses on financial freedom are u teaching on you own or in group.

    Further Questions for u:-

    1. Where do u conduct the training ?
    2. How much is the charges & days?
    3. U work alone or tie up with someone else?

  6. Calvin Yeo:

    Hi MK, I am teaching on my own. I might post some tips on getting through CFA exam as there seems to be a lot of enquiries.

    1. The venue varies, it will be announced when I put up the course.

    2. The charges and number of days depends, generally 1 day for basic course and 2 days for intermediate.

    3. I work alone at the moment.

  7. Chin MK:

    Hi Calvin,

    Thanks for your reply. Pls let me know if u post tips on CFA exam. my e mail is


  8. Calvin Yeo:

    Hi MK, sure will do.

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