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  • Calvin Yeo { Hi patricia, apologies for the delay as I have been busy working on the Dr Wealth project. Will definitely put it up soon! Thanks for following! } – Apr 21, 10:43 AM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi Dave, Capitaland is getting a very good deal if this goes through as CMA value should be closer to 2.50 to 2.60. However, that being said the stock price ... } – Apr 21, 10:42 AM
  • patricia { hi calvin.. you havent written for a long while and especially your updated stock portfolio april ..would you like to? thanks.. } – Apr 20, 10:32 AM
  • Dave { Hi Calvin, May I ask, in terms of the recent news that Capitaland's offer to takeover Capitamalls Asia at $2.22 each. What is your opinion please? } – Apr 14, 9:43 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi linktalk, I just bought the course materials from Financial Perspectives. Which I took the CFP, only FP was around so I am not sure about the other 2. If ... } – Apr 06, 11:47 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi Vic, for Mapletree GCC, the forecasted yield should be about 7.4%, which is relatively attractive for a retail REIT. It is slightly higher than CapitaRetail China Trust which is ... } – Apr 06, 11:39 PM
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Olam plunges in price after famous shortist Carson Block questions their accounts

11.21.2012 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

This is something which is too interesting not to post about. World renowned shortist Carson Block has made public statements doubting Olam’s accounting methods. The words are indeed very harsh, ranging from comments like “Olam will fail” and recovering for investors will be negligible”. He seems to think that the company will not have anything ...

Introduction to Gold Investment

11.11.2012 · Posted in United States

When you are going about setting up a personal finance strategy, you will likely find a great deal of advice regarding different means of investment and savings. The fact is, there are nearly innumerable things to do with your money, and different people and experts would advise different strategies.  However, unless you understand some of ...

Published Article on BabyTalk Magazine November 2012

I just picked up the BabyTalk Magazine for this month, which features my article “Financial Planning For New Parents” – Plan Now, To Not Go Broke Later! It is indeed my pleasure to be writing for one of Malaysia’s leading magazines for parenting. BabyTalk Magazine Article This is an article which I wrote for new ...

LippoMalls Goes On An Acquisition Spree In October 2012

As most of you know, LippoMalls form a significant portion of my portfolio, see My Singapore Stock Portfolio Early September 2012. So when LippoMalls goes on an acquisition spree, acquiring 6 malls in a month’s time, I would be very concerned with these transactions. Earlier, I lamented that LippoMalls wasn’t very active in seeking acquisitions and ...

Investing For Passive Income Course October 2012

The Investing For Passive Income Course October 2012 was a great success. The course was fully sold out a week prior to the start. During the course, we covered basic financial planning, basic investing in stocks and properties. The Course Venue Ready For Our Participants Calvin Yeo Presenting The Slides To a Full Class Focusing ...

Investing For Passive Income Course 27th October Is Sold Out!

The Investing For Passive Income Course 27th October in Singapore is now Sold Out and closed! Thank you all for your kind support. For those who missed out on this course, please do register early for the next course.     For the course participants, the tickets and email have already been sent to you. ...

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