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  • Calvin Yeo { Hi Ameer, yup I agree that SCB trading has been pretty lacking in this aspect. As a guideline though, US charges 30% dividend withholding tax for foreigners, so this is ... } – Jul 15, 12:18 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi David, you can definitely transfer your shares into CDP at a cost, need to check how much it is though. However, I recommend that you at least accumulate a ... } – Jul 15, 12:16 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi minx, you are right about OUE hospitality. In fact, it's a risk which I highlighted before. However, while it is only one property, it is a very well located ... } – Jul 15, 12:09 PM
  • Ameer { Hi Guys Thanks for sharing. I am new to your website and I have started using SCB to buy foreign shares. I am surprised that there is absolutely no info ... } – Jul 09, 3:04 PM
  • David { Hi, I'm currently on BCIP and wish to move a counter into CDP. Do you know if it's possible to move an odd lot into CDP? (eg. 1230 shares in ... } – Jul 05, 7:25 PM
  • minx { Dear Calvin, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on FHT. What is it that you like about OUE hospitality? One thing that held me back from investing is it's concentration risk ... } – Jul 01, 2:10 PM
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My Malaysia Stock Portfolio End August 2011

I have been posting quite a bit about Singapore stocks so I think it’s time to do a post on my portfolio based in Malaysia. For my Malaysian readers and anybody interested in investing in Malaysian equities, my portfolio here can serve as a guide to building a low risk, growing Passive Income portfolio in ...

Comments on Straits Times Article Seeking Shelter In Dividend Rich Stocks

09.05.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

I refer to the article published today 5/9/2011 on Straits Times “Seeking Shelter In Dividend Rich Stocks” by Jonathan Kwok. I think it is a good reminder to people that dividend paying stocks are still far safer than non dividend paying stocks. The article lists real estate trusts, business trusts as some of the safer ...

6 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Property

09.04.2011 · Posted in Real Estate

Buying property can be one of the most rewarding investments you can make. Not only does it serve its purpose as a place to live in, to work from, it is a great investment that can make you more financially secure many years down the road. Here are 6 reasons why you should definitely invest ...

My Singapore Stock Portfolio End August 2011

09.01.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

I have received some requests from users to post my portfolio and here it is! I thought it would be good to summarize my stock portfolio holdings on a monthly basis. While I don’t think it is a portfolio for everyone to emulate since everybody has got their own financial positions, it is a good ...

Updates to Standard Chartered Online Trading Pros and Cons *Important*

08.29.2011 · Posted in Budgeting & Portfolio, Singapore

This article is only relevant to Singaporean readers. Thank you. If you have read my previous article on Standard Chartered Online Trading Pros and Cons, here are some important updates. Dividend Payments Are Automatically Credited Into Your Account I mentioned earlier that “Dividend Payments Require More Work, Are Delayed to Next month”. However, after sticking ...

Staying Sane In the Face of Uncertainties

08.24.2011 · Posted in Budgeting & Portfolio

If you have been investing regularly in the equity markets, the past few weeks must have seemed like a huge roller coaster ride. The sudden plunges in the stock prices caused your heart to plunge and then the slow climb of the price where you are uncertain continued to strain your heart. Just when the ...

Defensive Portfolio Plays – Cutting Losses

08.08.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks

The DOW came down 791 points (6.45%) last week, Straits Times Index plunged 112.23 (3.61%) on Friday, it was not a pretty sight. The question on everybody’s mind is how low can it go? The answer is much lower. The Dow closed at 11,450 points on Friday, but in March 2009, it was as low ...

How to Manage Your Portfolio During Uncertain Times

08.02.2011 · Posted in Budgeting & Portfolio, Dividend Stocks

Even with debt deal concluded by 2nd August, the US is in no way out of the woods yet. A huge budget deficit remains and there is no firm plan to dictate how and where to cut government spending. Europe is still in a big mess with several economies on the brink of default, of ...

Making Passive Hits 500 Users In First Month!

08.01.2011 · Posted in Budgeting & Portfolio

Making Passive Income hits 500 Users in the First Month! I am proud to announce that in the first month of operation, Making Passive Income has hit 500 readers! I hope we can continue to grow and share our knowledge to benefit our readers. Thank you everybody for your continued support! Stay tuned for more ...

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