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  • Calvin Yeo { Hi linktalk, I just bought the course materials from Financial Perspectives. Which I took the CFP, only FP was around so I am not sure about the other 2. If ... } – Apr 06, 11:47 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi Vic, for Mapletree GCC, the forecasted yield should be about 7.4%, which is relatively attractive for a retail REIT. It is slightly higher than CapitaRetail China Trust which is ... } – Apr 06, 11:39 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi mee, sure it's been a while since I updated the chart. I will take a look and try to post soon. Thanks! } – Apr 06, 11:30 PM
  • linktalk { Hi Calvin, I am looking to embark on this CFP journey. I understand you did self study route. Which school did you go to? I know there are 3. TMC ... } – Apr 03, 3:43 PM
  • Vic { Hi Calvin What's your take on Mapletree GCC? Good entry point? } – Apr 02, 1:55 PM
  • mee { Hi Calvin, Would you be sharing your Malaysia portfolio? I'm interested with that. Hehehe } – Mar 23, 11:33 PM
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Value in Suntec REIT and Upside Potential from $400m Asset Enhancement Initiative at Suntec City?

11.11.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

Recently, Suntec REIT has dropped dramatically and is one of the poor performers among the commercial REITs pricewise. Suntec REIT is currently trading at a whopping 35% discount to its Net Asset Value (NAV)! Why has it fallen out of favour with investors? Suntec City Mall and Convention Center which makes up approximately 80% of ...

Comparing Singapore Stock Brokerages – Lowest Fees, No Minimum Fees, Best Platform

11.09.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

I recently got a request about which Singapore stock brokerages are the best. Well I am not sure about the best, but I can list out the fees, trading platform, payment type etc. for some of the stock brokerages. This list is by no means exhaustive and I will try to update it from time ...

My Singapore Stock Portfolio End October 2011

This is an update to my Singapore Stock Portfolio for the Month end of October 2011. For previous months, please see Singapore Stock Portfolio for the Month end of September 2011 Singapore Stock Portfolio for the Month end of August 2011 Just made some minor changes to the Portfolio, sold off CDL Hospitality some parts ...

Understanding Contract For Difference (CFD) In The Wake of MF Global Bankruptcy

11.04.2011 · Posted in Budgeting & Portfolio, Dividend Stocks

Many people have invested in contract for difference (CFD) without fully understanding the product. Now that MF Global, a major counterparty to many CFD platforms have collapsed, people finally wake up and understand there is such a risk known as counterparty risk. While I do not advocate investing in CFDs, I believe all investors should ...

CapitaMall Trust Dips In Response To Private Placement – Time to Buy?

11.02.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

Yesterday, CapitaMall Trust fell drastically from $1.90+ to $1.79 and has remained around the same level today as well. The reason for the fall is that CapitaMall Trust issued a private placement between $1.79 to $1.85. Amount raised is $250 million for further AEIs and some working capital. I actually shared this on some groups ...

Understanding Singapore REITs Part One – REIT Categories (Continued)

11.01.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

Continuing from the previous post Understanding Singapore REITs Part One – REIT Categories, we will explore Office REITs, Retail / Office Hybrid REITs, Hospitality REITs and Residential REITs.   Office REITS – Low-Medium Defensiveness / Medium-High Dividend Yields / Medium WALE Frasers Commercial Trust, CapitaCommercial Trust, Keppel REIT Office REITs are generally one of the ...

Understanding Singapore REITS Part One – REIT Categories

11.01.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore

I am writing this post in reply to a comment I received earlier about Singapore Real Estate Investment Trusts (SREITs). Over the past few months I have also had many enquiries about REITs in general. So I thought why not write a post about analyzing REITs? Before we begin, let’s start with the definition of ...

Groundbreaking at Mega Project KL Metropolis by Naza

10.25.2011 · Posted in Malaysia, Real Estate

Groundbreaking for the much anticipated mega project KL Metropolis by Naza TTDI took place today. I am actually very excited as I have 4 properties in the area, including 2 units at Solaris Dutamas. The total area for the development is a whopping 75.5 acres! The project is touted to be the largest Meetings, Incentives, ...

Stock Investment Strategy – Contrarian Investing vs Momentum Investing

10.23.2011 · Posted in Dividend Stocks

When it comes to timing the stock market, there are generally 2 investment styles. One is to invest with the crowd and follow the momentum, hence named momentum investing. The other is to go against the crowd and do what everybody else is not doing, hence named contrarian investing. These 2 strategies are polar opposites; ...

Making Passive Income Hits 10,000 Users Before End of 4th Month!

10.21.2011 · Posted in Budgeting & Portfolio

Making Passive Income hits 10,000 Users in the Fourth Month! I am proud to announce that before 4th month end of operation, Making Passive Income has hit 10,000 readers! Let’s keep the readership going up! Thank you everybody for your continued support. I am really encouraged by this and some of the personal encouragements by ...

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