At Calvary Wealth Consultants, we strive to help our clients create their desired wealth through mainly consulting and education.

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Wealth Consulting

Wealth Consulting is about creating a road map required to meet our client’s needs and goals. The comprehensive road map covers many areas including managing risks, debt, lifestyle choices, multi-asset investments and so on so as to be able to achieve your desired goals.


Wealth Education

For clients who are interested in DIY (Do It Yourself) investing or to educate themselves, we also offer wealth education courses. The current course being offered right now is The Invest For Passive Income Basic Course.


Invest For Passive Income Basic Course

This is a basic one day course which is suitable for people who have little or no knowledge and may also serve as a good refresher to those who have been doing their own investing for sometime. Due to the wide scope to be covered, this course is to give a good overview of all of the investible asset classes and basic wealth planning. Topics which drill down to detailed fundamental analysis will be covered in advanced courses later which focus on a single asset class at each time.

For the course outline, Please go to Course Outline For Investing For Passive Income Course

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