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Course Outline For Investing For Passive Income Course

Following several requests for the course outline, here is a brief breakdown of the topics to be covered in the basic course. Bear in mind that this is a basic course and may not be able to cover more detailed and advanced topics of each asset class.


Hope you will find the outline useful!


Course Outline


Understanding Passive Income and Personal Financial Planning

Investing For Income Basics

Stock Investing Basics (Fundamental Analysis)

Property Investing Basics

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REIT) Investing Basics



img Investing For Passive Income Seminar Singapore October 2012


This is a basic one day course which is suitable for people who have little or no knowledge and may also serve as a good refresher to those who have been doing their own investing for sometime. Due to the wide scope to be covered, this course is to give a good overview of the investible asset classes. Topics which drill down to detailed fundamental analysis will be covered in advanced courses later which focus on a single asset class at each time.


$150 per Person only, take action NOW!


Payment can be made by


Direct Bank Transfer or Direct Bank In to

Bank Name: OCBC Bank

Bank Code: 7339

Branch Code: 564

Bank Account Number: 564770477001

Beneficiary Name: Calvary Wealth Consultants Pte Ltd


To register, please email with your name, contact number and payment slip.




26 Responses to “Course Outline For Investing For Passive Income Course”

  1. I hope you will be conducting another one in the near future. I would love to come for this session but will unfortunately be out of town.

  2. please organise the above workshop at kuala lumpur.

  3. Lunch provided?

  4. Hi Calvin,

    I have been following Sembcorp Industries for a while..What are your insights on this counter? I cannot understand the fall in stock price at this moment. Care to share your insights?Thank you.

    • Hi KP, I like Sembcorp industries for the defensive recurring income of the utilities sector. I would definitely go in if the market corrects downwards sufficiently. The stock price movement is irrelevant of the value of the business, this is how you can pick up stocks for cheaper than what they are worth. On the other hand, investors may also pay more than what the business is worth if they are not savvy.

  5. Are notes given out in the course?

  6. Hi Calvin,

    What are the other takes from the course apart from knowledge. For a starter like me will you be helping with an idea of good brokerage firm reference or trading platforms ets. I am new to Singapore and not sure of best practices here. Please advice if we will be guided on these aspects as well.

    Many thanks.

  7. hi, pls update me on the next course as i not able to attend the course on 16th march.


  8. Hi, may i know when is the next course date? thank you.

  9. Hi Calvin,
    I am interested in this course, keep me updated shall you be conducting one in Singapore any time soon.


  10. Hi, Im interested to attend your course. When will the next course be? Please email me once its open for registration. thanks !

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