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  • Calvin Yeo { Hi Ameer, yup I agree that SCB trading has been pretty lacking in this aspect. As a guideline though, US charges 30% dividend withholding tax for foreigners, so this is ... } – Jul 15, 12:18 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi David, you can definitely transfer your shares into CDP at a cost, need to check how much it is though. However, I recommend that you at least accumulate a ... } – Jul 15, 12:16 PM
  • Calvin Yeo { Hi minx, you are right about OUE hospitality. In fact, it's a risk which I highlighted before. However, while it is only one property, it is a very well located ... } – Jul 15, 12:09 PM
  • Ameer { Hi Guys Thanks for sharing. I am new to your website and I have started using SCB to buy foreign shares. I am surprised that there is absolutely no info ... } – Jul 09, 3:04 PM
  • David { Hi, I'm currently on BCIP and wish to move a counter into CDP. Do you know if it's possible to move an odd lot into CDP? (eg. 1230 shares in ... } – Jul 05, 7:25 PM
  • minx { Dear Calvin, Thanks for sharing your thoughts on FHT. What is it that you like about OUE hospitality? One thing that held me back from investing is it's concentration risk ... } – Jul 01, 2:10 PM
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Introduction to Gold Investment

11.11.2012 · Posted in United States

When you are going about setting up a personal finance strategy, you will likely find a great deal of advice regarding different means of investment and savings. The fact is, there are nearly innumerable things to do with your money, and different people and experts would advise different strategies.  However, unless you understand some of ...

My US Stock Portfolio Mid Aug 2012

08.21.2012 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, United States

This is an update to my US stock portfolio. The last one was more than six months ago, in End Jan 2012. I have not changed the portfolio constituents at all and just tweaked the allocations. The portfolio remains very consumer focused as I believe that this will be the most defensive sector given the ...

Investing in American Depository Receipts (ADRs) on Singapore Exchange (SGX)

02.29.2012 · Posted in Dividend Stocks, Singapore, United States

For people who are interested in investing in international stocks, there is another alternative available on Singapore Exchange (SGX) that many are not familiar with. Instead of accessing foreign stock markets directly, investors can trade American Depository Receipts (ADRs) on the SGX just like any normal local listed stock. With ADR trading, investors can easily ...

My US Portfolio End January 2012

This is an update to my US Portfolio, which I haven’t done so since October 2011. The reason for this was simple, my portfolio simply did not change much during November and December. However, during the bull run this year, many of my stocks were called away. I have decided against using covered call strategies ...

My US Stock Portfolio End October 2011

It’s already past mid month and I have not even updated by US Portfolio yet! Well, better late than never. My US stocks have the lowest turnover among all my stocks as I have always held them in anticipation of growing dividends. However, I have decided to be more aggressive and target candidates which are ...

My US Stock Portfolio End September 2011

Following the summaries of my Singapore and Malaysia Stock Portfolio, I thought it would be a good time to introduce my US Stock Portfolio. Again, this is just a guide for those interested in building safe, growing Passive Income Portfolio using US Stocks. My portfolio as a whole generates an estimated 4% gross dividend yield ...

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