Calvin Yeo and Making Passive Income Featured on Singapore Business Times

Today on April 16th, Singapore Newspaper Business Times featured Calvin Yeo and Making Passive Income website! This marks another major milestone achieved by Calvin and Making Passive Income following being featured on NextInsight, CPF website IM$avvy and more.


The title of the article is

Value investing the way to go, not speculation

– Calvin Yeo tells JOSHUA TAN why he picks income producing assets like properties, stocks and bonds


It is a good writeup and I especially like the quote “‘To me, it’s about timing. When everything is expensive I prefer not to chase, and just enjoy passive income to build up my capital, but when things are cheap I follow Warren Buffet’s theory to be greedy when everybody else is fearful. – Calvin Yeo”

It is well written, credits to reporter Joshua Tan and its quite a good account of how my investments in multiple asset classes got me to where I am today. I am thankful to Business Times and Joshua for giving me the opportunity to share my ideas and values with people through the prestigious Business Times platform. I am also thankful to all of my loyal readers for following us faithfully as we grow from strength to strength, turning Making Passive Income into the platform of choice when it comes to Wealth Consulting, Investment Education and more.


*Due to copyright issues, the actual article has been removed.*

For the full write up, please refer to Singapore Business Times April 16, 2012 for the article on page 11.


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20 Comments on Calvin Yeo and Making Passive Income Featured on Singapore Business Times

  1. Hi Calvin,
    Love reading your site. By far, the best in sg for value investing as it’s so current, educational and unselfish in imparting knowledge. Keep up the excellent work.
    … ardent supporter.

  2. Whoa, this is huge to be on printed press. Way to go man!

  3. Hi Calvin,

    Congratulations on making it to the BT. I’m already past 30 and still working hard to achieve financial freedom via passive income.

    • Hi Derek, Thanks!

      It’s hard work initially but the rewards will be worth it. Keep on working at it!

      Let me know if you have any questions or comments!

  4. Hi Calvin

    Congratulations for a great work shared so unselfishly!

    How do u charge for your financial services n how can one email u to enquire on personal financial consultation service by you? tks.

  5. Congrats Calvin. Look forward to your next insightful updates.

  6. wow congrats! Cont on the good job so that we can keep reading!

  7. Hi Calvin,

    Congratulation to you! Support u always^^
    and thanks for ur article.. hehe

  8. Hi Calvin, Congratulations. It is definitely not easy to get onto the papers. Great achievements!! I will continue to follow your articles. Cheers!!

  9. hi calvin..congratulations to u..keep up the good work n sharing is caring. good karma will come to us who works hard here. good luck

  10. Hi Calvin,
    Enjoyed reading your posts, rather enlightening. Wish I read them last year!
    Would like your advice: I have $100 000 sitting in the bank that I would not need to use for a long time. Would be happy with a 7% return

    • Hi mayznm,

      Thanks for reading! It is never too late to get started. :)

      I would recommend placing the money into stocks and ETFs. 7% is quite possible to achieve if you pick the right stocks, however take note that the 7% return is just on invested capital, your total returns based on (invested capital and uninvested capital) would be lower.

      Without further understanding your financial profile and needs though, I cannot really advise you what’s the best combination. I will email you regarding this.


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