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Achieved Certified Financial Planner Certification

Following from the previous post Achieved Associate Wealth Planner Certification, I have now successfully completed all 6 modules of the Certified Financial Planner (CFP) Program and now eligible for the CFP mark. The last paper was fully written 3 hours+ paper which tested all the concepts of financial planning.

img cfp pass all modules

So what does the CFP mark mean? Taken from the FPAS website below:

Consumers are currently facing many challenges managing their personal finances. Responsibility for retirement planning is shifting from the government and employers to the individual. Job security is no longer guaranteed, the variety and complexity of financial products is increasing, and the Asian crisis combined with volatile global stock markets have left many consumers feeling confused. The need for professional advice in such an atmosphere is great, but greater still is consumers’ need for assurance that the professionals they choose for financial advice are qualified and competent.

As consumer demand for qualified advice grows, the field of financial planning, in which poor performance on the part of the practitioner can lead to significant harm to the consumer, must embrace professional certification if it is to be taken seriously as a profession. Professional certification connotes competency, occupational experience, and adherence to standards of practice.

For consumers to accept financial planning practitioners as qualified, trustworthy professionals, they must be provided with an easily-identifiable, objective means of measuring the practitioners’ experience, education, professional competence and ethical standards. The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM certification process serves that purpose by defining what a financial planning professional is, establishing standards of professional practice and creating a “mark of quality” that consumers can recognise and to which practitioners can aspire.

FPAS will therefore seek to provide the certification framework for the financial planning industry in Singapore. FPAS will oversee the administration of the CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM and Associate Financial Planner certification process, and grant to qualified individuals the right to use the CFP® and AFPTM marks.

The CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM or CFP certification will be gained by certain individuals who have demonstrated technical competency, combined significant practical experience, enabling them to write (to international standards) a comprehensive and detailed financial plan for an individual.

It definitely feels good to have finally cleared the CFP exams. By combining my corporate finance experience and education with personal finance, I am able to provide an added advantage to my clients. As always, I will seek to continue to upgrade myself as learning never stops.

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12 Responses to “Achieved Certified Financial Planner Certification”

  1. Hi Calvin,
    Congratulations to your achievements. With all the accreditation, I hope you will continue to provide affordable courses for those who are keen to learn more from you. It will be great if you could share your latest stock portfolio soon. At the same time, could you also share your opinions on counters like goldenagr and stx osv given their lacklustre performance the past few week.
    Look forward to hear from you soon.

    • Hi Marcus, thanks!

      Yes, I will try to continue holding affordable courses, as long as there is demand for it. Sometimes it is a bit hard to gauge demand and there is a lot of work that goes on behind to plan for the courses.

      I will try to give an updated portfolio soon as well.

  2. Hi calvin

    Congrat to u. With US market setting a mew high, do u think a crash is coming?
    Anyway hope to see ur latest portfolio soon.


    • Hi Sam, thanks! I can’t be sure about a crash, but when a market is at high valuations, the chances of correction is definitely higher. Always aim to buy below valuations.

  3. Hi Calvin,
    Sorry, off topic here. What do you think of the upcoming croesus retail trust IPO? Is it worth subscribing? My main concern is the Japanese economy is still bad and the yen is depreciating alot, so that will affect the dividend when converted to S$? Is this a REIT or a business trust?

    • Hi Mich, I am interested in subscribing. Yes there will be forex risks and economic risks, but the current government is trying to give a boost to the economy. Given the high yield of 8% for retail REITs, when retail SREITs are only giving 5% or lower I feel comfortable with taking the forex risks. I will try to write a post on this.

      • Hi Calvin,
        I was unsure whether to subscribe due to FX risks & also I have concerns regarding the quality of its assets as only 1 property is prime( the smallest of the lot), the other 3 are suburban properties which do not have very good public transportation access and faces alot of stiff competition from other malls. But it is reassuring to know you are subscribing for it.
        By the way, I assume this is a business trust, does the fact that it is a business trust and not a REIT make it less attractive as an investment?

        • Hi Mich, according to the trust deed, leverage cap is at 60%. They are also looking to distribute at least 90% of the profits, which is similar to a REIT. I will write further on this.

  4. linktalk says:

    Hi Calvin,

    I am looking to embark on this CFP journey. I understand you did self study route. Which school did you go to? I know there are 3. TMC Academy, FP, and Kapital Minds.

    I am a working professional, so most probably will take the self study route. Just wanted to find out which one you went to and what it was like in general.

    • Hi linktalk, I just bought the course materials from Financial Perspectives. Which I took the CFP, only FP was around so I am not sure about the other 2. If you are familiar with the industry then self study shouldn’t be too difficult.

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