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Achieved Associate Financial Planner Certification AFP

12.23.2011 · Posted in Personal Development

I just received a letter from Financial Planning Association of Singapore (FPAS) that I am now qualified for the Associate Financial Planner / AFPCM

According to the website, here’s what I am qualified to do.

The ASSOCIATE FINANCIAL PLANNERCM or AFPCM will be competent to recommend general financial planning strategies and to advise on the appropriate selection and use of various financial products for individuals, e.g. insurance, unit trusts, and a broad range of securities and banking products.

What started out as an interest to gain more knowledge on my personal investments and personal financial planning has led me on a totally new path. I created a website Making Passive Income with the aim of helping people to understand financial planning better as well as stock and property investments. At the same time, I decided to enroll for the Certified Financial Planner Program CFP to further beef up my financial planning credentials.

In the first module, I actually have already learnt most of the items like stock analysis, financial statements, bond valuation, time value of money etc. during my Bachelor’s in Finance/Accounting as well as during my work as a Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) Investment Banker in New York. However, I did pick up some new knowledge especially on the technicalities of CPF, Insurance and Estate Planning which requires more localized knowledge of the laws. So overall, I look forward to completing the rest of the modules over time and I hope I will be able to share more information on the website armed with the additional knowledge!

8 Responses to “Achieved Associate Financial Planner Certification AFP”

  1. Good for you, and to many others who can learn from you !

  2. Emily Teh says:

    Hi Calvin
    Congrats to you on achieving this Associated Financial Planner certification.

    I’d like to ask if
    – is it difficult to go through the process ?
    – The education part , i read, can be self- study
    – The examination part, is sitting thru an exam
    – The experience part, I read, is varied, so I’d like to ask you, how do we gain “experience” here, if I’m currently not in this industry ? Does trading -experience counts ?

    I’m just exploring possible scenario to go through this certification, in parallel to what i’m doing (which is not related to financial industry).

    Thank you for your advice.

    • Hi Emily,

      No, the application process is not difficult. You just have to go and apply for a student membership.

      For the education part, if you self study, it is cheaper. However, if you do not already have a finance background like me, it may make sense to go for classes instead.

      For the exmaination part, it is definitely not that simple. Even being a graduate in finance and accounting, I found some of the questions tricky, I guess the exams are getting more and more difficult. I heard from them that only 50% pass.

      For experience, it makes sense when you are doing your own investing, to read as much as possible. However, the course is not just about stock investments, it covers almost everything from personal financial planning, debt management, stock, bond, property investments, insurance, CPF usage and so on.

      Alternatively, you can consult financial planners who have been certified and are well versed to help you plan your personal finances. It may be worth it instead of spending a lot of time and money to go through the course.

      • Anonymous says:

        Thanks Calvin for your advise.

        I’m just wondering if it is worth the while to equip myself with additional “paper” in case I’m made redundant in my job. Just a thot to ponder.


        • Hi,

          Well it depends on what you want to do. If you are interested in the insurance industry, wealth management or financial planning jobs, then it can be quite useful. It can also be useful if you are keen on doing your own investments and personal financial planning instead of relying on others.

  3. Hi Calvin, sorry i’m browsing your recent and older posts… And would like to ask you what is the cost of the CFP paper? Including study materials and examination? Thanks!

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